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I learn people self development

My natural quality is having one on one conversations. I am able to change minds because I think different than most people, I also have the quality to know peoples personality really quick.
I also had a depression and needed help. I took a personal trainer and a psychologist and with the right discipline and being hungry for self improvement you will get the right skills to live happy. Because happiness is a feeling and you can create it. I was so fast in learning and I wanted it so bad that my personal trainer and psychologist said to me that they never had a client like me. I wanna spread my knowledge now.

Don’t regret it

Talking to a coach can be easier than to a relative or friend. During our sessions I am listening to you and I help to find answers to problems, without judging you. I will give you all the time you need. It’s an opportunity to look at your problems in a different way with someone who will respect you and your opinions. We talk one-to-one, everything is based on trust. Everything you tell me stays between us.  I help you to feel better and I make it easier to deal with problems. I am offering you personal coaching by Skype or in real life in Groningen, Netherlands,

Unlock potential, harness strengths and achieve goals

Coaching allows an individual to:
Focus on the achievement of their goals.
Develop personal resilience and mental toughness
Manage change and challenges
Maximise personal wellbeing

Consultations are going by Skype, by e-mail or in person. (The Netherlands)

One day or day 1. Its your choice

Focus By Justin

Email: lifecoachjustin@outlook.com
KvK-nummer: 73591351
Btw-nummer: NL216306307B01
Groningen, Nederland

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