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A famous actor may be a chameleon on screen, but watch him during any interview, and you’ll see only a man whose facial expressions, droopy posture, and mumbled words give away what was once a big secret: he suffers from severe anxiety. Indeed, the actor’s anxiety has been a major source of depression and unease, so much so that the celebrity has access to therapists at all times, even on film sets, who help advise him on how best to deal with his anxiety and keep it from dragging him into severe depression. In this course you get all in and outs about how cognitive therapy works.

This Course Includes:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Course

Week 1: How You Should Interpret || This Thinking Errors Makes You Sad
Week 2: How To Deal With Negative Thoughts
Week 3: The Effect Of ‘Trying’
Week 4: How To Find Out What Your Problem Is
Week 5: “The Body Created a Depression, So You Are Also Able To Let It Disappear || How I Did It
Week 6: Conquer Fear ||  Where Your Anger Comes From || How To Control It
Week 7: A Boost For Your Self-Esteem


Training 1: What Is Stress? How To Create A Goal in Life
Training 2: Why We Feel Pressure To Achieve And Being ‘Perfect” || Materialism And Social Media 
Training 3: What Is A Burn-out And How To Recognize It.
Training 4: How To Spend Your Money 
Training 5: New Idea of a Social Media System || The Smartphones Changed The Society
Training 6: Mindfullness
Training 7: How To Make Money Out WIth Your Passion || How To Focus || How To Succeed On School Or Business

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About Me

‘Mental support is essential’
My name is Justin. I am from the Netherlands and i studied law at the University of Groningen. These days we live in a modern digital world. We feel pressure to be ”perfect”, we are looking for the ‘real me’. What do we want in our life? Studying, a successful business or traveling the whole world are daily dreams. We are so focused on our dreams that it can give us stress, anxiety or a depression. Todays society is not based on learning or studying but to get rich and successful fast as possible. But what i have learned is that knowledge is power. I also have seen dark days but with hope and discipline you become the person you wanna be. It’s all about focus and knowledge about yourself, about your qualities and your dreams. I found my passion and that is to help other people to achieve their goals. I’ts so important to talk about your emotions to an independent person. Someone who don’t judge and motivates you. You can have an unlimited life for yourself but also for you children and partner. Getting confidence, getting the results you want, and turning plans into goals is all about the mental health. Life is like building your body in the gym. You don’t have big muscles in one day, you will have periods you are not motivated, you will get more knowledge about your body and about fitness to improve your results and the most important one: you feel fail one day, or you will get injuries. And when you fall, you need to stand up. For a lot of people it’s hard to find their passion or they don’t feel happy with their life. With a life coach you will get new ideas and you get that positive energy to start your new week to reach your goals. Live your dreams with Focus.

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