Get coaching, get results.


Life coaching services will help you develop your skills and learn faster than your competition – even when your competition is just the clock! A life coaching program is made exclusive for you. Your personal coach will help you optimize your life step by step.I am  a skilled, trained listener, and will notice what you don’t say just as much as what you do say. This life coaching process will grow and develop, allowing you to get more and more from the process over time. Don’t see it as a purchase but something you earn. Quality coaches drive quality results. An experience with Justin is unique. Justin recovered from a clinical depression in record time. That is the kind of value and expertise your life coach will bring to your life. 

Life coaching
struggle + Coach = achievement

I recommend to work with me for a minimum of one year. This will build a strong relationship. There is time needed to work through inner blocks that are holding you back. A coaching program starts with a session to get to know your goals, thoughts and wishes. The following steps is how a schedule can look like. Everyones case is different, so you will have an exclusive personal program.  A ‘face to face’ online session per week and  beside of that you can reach me at any time you want. I offer unlimited service. So you will get my phone number and you receive extras. 

Step one: Identify limiting beliefs 
During the first coaching moments we are going to find the reasons that are holding you back from unlocking the life you want. We are going to find details about your childhood, the thinking errors you are make and I am helping to find the ‘real you’.  Before we talk about goals, you must first do inner work to develop a greater understanding of yourself, your habits and how you view yourself and the world.

Step two: Develop patterns to overcome the beliefs
Which steps are we going to take to reach your goals and how do we development the mindset for success. We find patterns and concrete steps. You will accept yourself and you know how to change negative thoughts. 

Step three: Reinforce patterns and achieve goals
We will focus on reinforce your new patterns and using them to achieve your goals in the beginning of your online program. When you achieve them, we celebrate together and you will get help to set new goals. 


What can you expect from Focus by Justin Results Coaching? You’ll form a unique relationship.  I use strategies to help individuals to meet their goals – they’re simply tweaked to maximize your potential. The best personal coach has a well-developed sense of the challenges you’re facing, which allows him or her to design training for you that “overshoots” your goals in the right ways. Your Results life coach needs to be sure you’re fit for every challenge you face, so your personal coaching regimen has to prepare you to exceed your needs.

Just as the best sports coaches have both the experience and intuition to understand what the mental and physical limits of their athletes are,  They use those sensibilities to train you to be prepared emotionally, mentally, tactically and technically for each and every challenge on your list.